Two ‘barn find’ 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbirds on eBay

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Found in dry storage, the cars have been sitting for 35 years

Plymouth Superbirds are rare enough on their own, but it’s even rarer to find two for sale at the same place.

And on eBay of all places too!

Here we have what the seller claims are two "barn finds", a white and a blue 1970 Superbird, each with the odometer reading under 50,000 miles.

The seller states that he bought a similar blue-over-white Superbird at auction, and was approached by the owner of these two cars, and took the opportunity to buy them.


The prior owner bought both of the cars from their respective original owners – who bought them new in 1970 at Blouin Chrysler Plymouth dodge in Augusta Maine, ten miles from his home.

The prior owner knew both original owners, and bought them in the late 70s.


When the seller saw the two cars, neither car ran – but purportedly have never suffered any significant damage, and are reportedly all original.

The blue car has 27,416 miles on it, and features the factory-ordered manual transmission and the Super commando 440 V8.


While the white car has 42,497 miles on the odo, and features - what we believe to be - a 440ci four-barrel and an automatic transmission.

The seller states that both of the interiors are fully original and the vinyl roofs are in good condition. Both cars have no rust present in the boot wells, and both cars had their floors under coated from the dealership.


At the time of writing, bidding sat at A$207,152 for the blue car; and A$185,080 for the white automatic.

Bidding will end in just under a week. You can view both eBay listings here and here!


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