The Rare Spares story: Home-grown excellence

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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A home-grown company keeping our great home-grown cars on the road

Rare Spares are a mainstay in our hobby and community, providing factory finish reproduction parts for our beloved national treasures on wheels.

They’ve built themselves into a premiere brand for us classic car lovers and restorers, but had very humble beginnings themselves.

From their humble beginnings to the powerhouse they are today; they’ve recently released a short film online, tracing their roots, history, and why exactly they do what they do.

As our good friend John Bowe said in the video, without them; "three quarters of these cars wouldn’t exist". For nearly 50 years they’ve kept our cars on the road.

While they began as a modest business, scouring the country for new old stock parts; as time went on, there were less and less cars on the road, and less parts to be found.

The thought of reproducing parts, at an OEM-level of perfection is a daunting task, but with never-ending R&D, testing, Rare Spares have achieved just that. As well as expanding in scope to eventually become a reproduction part supplier for OEM and dealer part’s departments.

Throughout all of the progress and change they’ve experienced over the past 50 years, the mission statement has never changed: keeping classic cars on the road.

Watch the video above to see how this passionate home-grown business became what it is today!

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