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The Hydroblast Shop - Workshop Profile

The Hydroblast Shop - Workshop Profile

After pondering his future one day in a board room, Allen Sutton decided to strike out on his own MORE

Type 35 Memories - Blackbourn 437

With Chirons costing multi-megabucks it's worth noting that even a humble motor mechanic could on... MORE

The Red Flames Burn - What Do You Reckon 437

Glenn Torrens is sitting in the corner, a tear in his eye quietly surveying his fleet of Holdens MORE

Shed Virus - Revcounter 438

In these trying times, Editor Allen reckons it's a great time to hit those unloved projects! MORE

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Morley's Workshop home page

Morley's Workshop home page

Morley's Workshop home page

Got a problem with your car? Want to know which one to buy? Just want to get something off your c... MORE

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Editorial Columns


Ever wondered what goes on in the twisted minds that run Unique Cars magazine? Sure you want to know? Here it is then...

I'M IN THE SHED - Jon Faine

Join us for a wander into the weird and wonderful mindscape that is Faine's shed.

SHED PHILOSOPHY - Rob Blackbourn

Our resident engineer, part-time mechanic and full-time story-teller, Rob Blackbourn, shares his often weird and wonderful views of the world.

WHAT DO YOU RECKON? - Glenn Torrens

Glenn Torrens, aka GT, is always up to something. Find out what, right here...