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A quick guide to unique car loan approval

What sets a unique car loan apart?

Whether it's a classic, muscle car, sports, or performance vehicle, whatever your motoring tastes, unique car loans differ from the finance on your everyday run-about and benefit from being tailored to you and your vehicle. Ratechaser know the market and can connect you with lenders and loan products catering to the distinctive nature of unique car finance.

What factors do lenders consider?

Credit history

A strong credit history, marked by a high credit score, timely payments, and minimal credit inquiries, boosts your chances of loan approval. A poor credit history may result in higher interest rates. Paying existing debts on time and reducing new debt improves your credit score. Our chasers can provide guidance on how to enhance your score before applying.

Income and employment stability

Lenders assess income and employment stability to gauge repayment ability. A steady income and a consistent employment history enhance your chances of loan approval. Self-employed individuals may need additional documentation to prove their income. Our chasers can walk you through the requirements and put the application together for you.

Debt-to-Income ratio (DTI)

Lenders consider the DTI ratio, representing monthly debt payments relative to income. A lower DTI ratio indicates more manageable debt levels, increasing eligibility for approval.

Age of Vehicle

Newer cars often attract lower interest rates, extended loan periods, and higher loan-to-value ratios. Financing an older car may result in higher interest rates, shorter loan durations, and lower loan-to-value ratios. If you're purchasing a classic, you'll need to know the lenders' policy for vehicle age limits. Our chasers are across the details and can recommend the best options.

Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV)

Lenders prefer a lower LTV ratio, comparing the loan amount to the vehicle's value. A higher deposit can reduce the LTV ratio, minimising the risk for lenders and maximising your chances of approval. Our chasers can help you navigate unique car-specific ratios to receive an appropriate loan amount.

Loan term and interest rates

Loan terms and interest rates vary, impacting overall loan costs. Shorter terms mean higher monthly payments but lower total interest, while longer terms offer lower monthly payments with higher overall interest costs. Interest rates depend on creditworthiness, market conditions, and the lender's strategy. A lower interest rate enhances loan affordability. Ratechaser collaborates with lenders catering to unique cars to secure competitive rates and the best terms.

Why Choose Ratechaser?

Expertise and dedication

From classics to roadsters, muscle cars, sports, or performance vehicles, our team brings dedication and experience to strike the best finance deal for your unique car.

Tailored Solutions

We craft solutions to your individual needs while ensuring a seamless financing experience. Your chaser will tailor a specific loan package, offering flexible terms and competitive rates to align with your budget.

Extensive lender panel

Our network of 30+ lenders empower us to find the perfect match with lower rates and the ideal terms to meet and exceed expectations. So, you can be confident we're driving your dollar further.


Streamline your path to ownership by securing pre-approval and knowing your budget before you enter negotiations.

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