Plymouth Superbird + Countach replica + Vauxhall – Auction Action

By: Andy Enright, Unique Cars magazine

Superbird Plymouth Superbird Superbird
Lambo Mirage Countach Lambo
Vauxhall Vauxhall Chevette Vauxhall

A rare Bird and a fake Lambo make news

1970 Plymouth Superbird

One of only 716 V-code (440ci, six-barrel) Plymouth Superbirds ever built, this Alpine White example also features the A36 Performance Axle package with the 3.55 ratio diff. With Hemi Superbirds now fetching half a million dollars, the V-codes now look the next best option for those without quite such hefty reserves of disposable income. The Superbird was a short-lived thing, NASCAR’s rules for 1971 limiting aero cars to a capacity of 305ci before they whacked them with crippling weight penalties.

Sold: $125,000

2014 Mirage Countach QV Replica

Where do you stand on the subject of replicas and tribute cars? It’s a grey area, but if you can’t stretch to the best part of a million for a real Countach, here’s something a lot more affordable. It’s packing a 340bhp BMW 5.0 V12 and the interior even looks up to snuff. Honestly, you’d be hard pressed to pick this one if it rumbled past. Yes it’s a fake, but at this money, who’s quibbling?

Sold: $95,750

1977 Vauxhall Chevette 2300HS

The very first Chevette 2300HS must have had a stratospheric reserve as it would have attracted serious interest. Vauxhall’s rear-drive rally homologation special has a cult following and this car has enjoyed a full nut and bolt resto. One of the earliest true hot hatches, the HS got the ‘slant-four’ engine from the big Magnum sedan, a 16v head and some decidedly lairy tartan interior trim.

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