1970 Holden HG Monaro: Reader Ride

By: Drew Jessop, Photography by: Drew Jessop

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holden hg monaro Drew Jessop's Holden HG Monaro holden hg monaro
holden hg monaro engine bay Holden HG Monaro 253 V8 engine holden hg monaro engine bay
Drew Jessop Holden HG Monaro Drew Jessop with his Monaro Drew Jessop Holden HG Monaro

Drew Jessop's Holden HG Monaro, named Nelson, is more fun than the stock market


1970 Holden HG Monaro

There aren’t too many HGs around. Well it’s an original rally red 253, with a four-on-the-floor Saginaw, Sidewinder stripes and original wheels. We call it Nelson (as in HG Nelson the comedian/sports broadcaster). It’s got the original Sandalwood interior – the previous owner did a magnificent job bringing it back to this state.

It’s an interesting car to drive, not overly powerful but a good cruiser. I was looking for something around about 1970 – that was my youth. I was about 13 or 14 at that stage and remember some of the old cars going past I thought I can invest in the stockmarket or I could buy a car and it was a pretty easy question to answer. I saw it online, it looked really nice, saw it in the flesh and decided to buy it that weekend. That was a bit over two years ago and it was an excellent decision. I’ve never regretted it.

The guy has done a number of cars over time and he clearly knows what he’s doing. I’ve had people drive past with cameras hanging out the window. It’s lovely to be able to share that passion with others.

I look around events like today (the Hanging Rock car show) and think isn’t it wonderful that people have the time and resources to preserve a bit of our history.

Holden HG Monaro Valuation:
A rough one could go as low as $50k, but a good one will fetch over $120k.


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