1968 Fiat 850 coupe - today's mini exotic tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

1968 Fiat 850 coupe 1968 Fiat 850 coupe 1968 Fiat 850 coupe

Sporty hardtop

Perhaps the definition of 'sporty' has changed in the decades since this tiny two-door first appeared, but at the time it at least had the looks to carry the description, if not the outright performance.

Fiat's rear-engine 850 platform was based around an OHV inline four 817cc powerplant, running an aluminium head and iron block. That was matched to a four-speed all-synchro manual transmission or a four-speed semi-auto.

It was produced in three main forms: the Berlina family two-door, a spider assembled at Bertone and this coupe. There were also some specials on the same floorpan, including commercial and 'familia' offshoots.

The coupe ran a high-power version of the engine, claiming 47 horses (35kW) at 6400rpm, and 66Nm at 4000rpm, which was quite respectable in a 730kg car. Acceleration was around 20sec to 100km/h - okay in its day. It claimed a more arresting top speed, nudging 135-140km/h.

This example is a manual in left-hand-drive. It's in Vic and is priced at $27,500.

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