Daimler Double Six - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

daimler double six 1977 1977 Daimler Double Six daimler double six 1977

Top notch British luxury

This would have been a very expensive indulgence back in 1977 and, some 20 years later when the nameplate finally died out in 1997, they were costing over $215,000.

Double Six is a very old Diamler model name, made famous though the 1930s with ultra-long and elegant cars, often indiviually coachbuilt, in numerous variants with two or four doors.

The Daimler name has graced a huge variety of cars over the decades, with one of the more interesting being the SP250 roadster of 1959-64, which was about the size of an MGB and ran a 2.5 litre V8.

For a while the nameplate was used by Jaguar, which in this case badge-engineered an XJ6, added some additional luxury and shoe-horned in the latest version of the long-lived V12 powerplant.

Claiming 264hp (196kW), the 5.3lt engine tends to scare off a lot of people because of its complexity, however owners swear they can be reliable and easy to live with.

The two areas V12 owners point to as worth keeping an eye on are the fuel lines, which can perish and become a fire hazard (the same could be said for many cars), plus the cooling system which is critical and should be well-maintained.

These engines certainly have a distinctive sound and come with substantial bragging rights.

This example looks good, claims low mileage and is located in NSW. It's priced at $19,995.

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