Aussie luxo bombers headline our new mag

By: Guy Allen, Unqiue Cars magazine

Unique Cars magazine edition 412 Unique Cars magazine highlights Aussie-made luxury cars. Unique Cars magazine edition 412

Could be a luxury you really can afford

In our latest mag (#412) we get to play with a big range of local luxo bombers, including Ford, GMH and Chrysler stars like LTD, Fairlane, Magnum, Statesman, Chrysler by Chrysler - plus there's a bunch of weird and wonderful staff picks.

And there's a VW Samba revival, an EH library van resto, while young John Bowe has a squiz at a Porsche 959.

Plus there's a bunch of regulars like Morley's Workshop, Faine and Blackbourn, a peek inside Torrens' shed and much more.

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