1976 Chrysler Valiant VK - today's budget tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

VK Valiant Ranger sedan. VK Valiant Ranger sedan. VK Valiant Ranger sedan.

Basic spec Valiant looks the goods

If you were after a locally-made classic that should be low-stress and where much of the hard work has already been done, something like this could be perfect.

High teens might be getting up there for a basic no frills Valiant, but the owner says it's been restored, including paint, interior trim and a rubber kit. If that's right, they'd barely be recovering the cost of the job.

Known as a Ranger, this Valiant was the entry level, with vinyl trim and bench seats inside. They were roomy, so carrying six people was no problem.

Mechanicals are basic as well: a 215ci (3.5lt) six with a three-speed column-shift manual.

People tend to concentrate on the glamour upmarket models when they restore cars, so it's nice to see someone occasionally put a similar effort into the basic cars that saw use particularly in fleets and sometimes with budget-conscious private owners.

We like the fact the owner has put some subtle whitewall tyres on it, just to give it a little glam.

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