Our top 3 Monaro stories

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Big bold coupes - that's what it's always been about. Here is the pick of our stories, plus a huge index to lose yourself in.

Our top 3 Monaro stories
This stunning HT Monaro took out the top award at the 2016 Motorclassica.

Motorclassica-winning Monaro

It not only proved that we could make a fast coupe, a Monaro has now shaken up the world of Concours.

For the first time, an Australian car has won the nation’s premier show: Motorclassica. Terry Smart’s lovely white HT Holden Monaro GTS 350 still wears the original black and white numberplates and was recently restored from the ground-up (just making the show deadline) to a standard where it beat myriad Ferraris, Aston Martins and the like.

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Monaro 40th anniversary - HK GTS327 meets HRT 427 prototype

Twin peaks: Monaro 40th anniversary.  One became a legend, the other was killed off before it could become one...

We like to think the phenomenon of the Holden Monaro was some kind of Head Office masterstroke; a daring move made up of equal parts genius and vision. The reality is slightly different. While there's no doubt the original Monaro was beautifully conceived and executed, the impetus for the sexy two-door was a classic case of a car-maker playing catch-up.

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Oz versus USA: Monaro meets Camaro

The Camaro was an all-new 1967 release previewed in 1966. The HK Monaro was also slated for a 1967 release until Holden was forced to delay its next-generation family car and widen it to match the XR Falcon.

Both '69 models were the ultimate refinement of a new generation of cars from Chevrolet and Holden.

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