HQ Monaro project - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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A light resto should be rewarding

HQ Monaro project - today's tempter
Could this be the start of a beautiful project?

With the extraordinary interest in Monaros at auction recently, we figured it was time to take another look at what's available online.

At the time of writing, we had over 30 of various generations listed, from HK right through to CV8Z, with prices fluctuating from fairly affordable through to telephone numbers.

The one that caught our eye was this, a 1972 HQMonaro LS that's in need of a little love.

At the time there were few levels of Monaro on offer, including a base model and this, the LS with the dual headlight nose cone, similar to a Premier. Engine choices ranged from the 202ci six through to a 350ci V8.

This example started life with a 308 V8 and auto, but somewhere during its current 40-year family ownership the engine was swapped out for a 253.

we're told it has some rust and desnt, while the interior could do with a refresh - so it's ripe for a restoration. So long as you didn't go mad, the current prcices of Monaros suggest you should be safe spending a bit of money on it.

The owner is asking $40,000.




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