Petrol/Diesel Ban Won't Kill Classics - Hammond

By: Unique Cars magazine

richard hammond s new show richard hammond s new show

Passion for the scene will survive

Former Top Gear and Grand Tour host Richard Hammond has said he sees a bright future for the classic and collectible car scene, despite an international trend towards banning the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles.

In his home market of the UK, that ban comes into force in 2030, though hybrids will get a reprieve.

Speaking at the opening of this year's London Classic Car Show, Hammond said: "I think there’s going to a polarisation for those who have a passionate enthusiasm for cars – those people are going to become ever more dedicated, so the classic car scene will in fact intensify in terms of its following.

"It might well require more of an effort to run a classic in the future but that will weed out those for whom a classic car is simply a badge.

Hammond can be said to put his money where his mouth is, given he now owns a restoration business called The Smallest Cog. It's run day to day by father and son team Neil and Anthony Greenhouse (pictured above right), who did the restoration on Hammond's Jaguar XK150. 
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That workshop will be the base for the presenter's new show, Hammond's Workshop, which is being produced by Discovery+. One of its early resto targets will be a Ford Escort MkII RS2000.
Hammond can claim some family history in the business, as his father worked for coachbuilders Mulliner, and Jensen.

See the show preview here:



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