Ford XY Falcon 4WD - today's oddball tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

falcon 4wd Ford XY 4X4 falcon 4wd

Wagon version of the rare 4X4

This is something you definitely won't see two of at your average 4X4 club meet – an XY 4x4 ute platform with a wagon body.

Ford built a small number of 4WD utes back in the early seventies and a few of them are still getting around.

Unique Cars mag columnist Rob Blackbourn reveals in a piece on the utes: 

"The team working on the XY 4x4 project at Ford Australia in 1970-72 also put in a heap of work and dealt with a bunch of challenges to get the thing into production in the first place. The aggro involved in sorting out the pre-production issues on the 4x4 build of only 432 units was, as they say, quite character building.

"Ford’s Product Engineering team was off to a good start having just completed four one-tonne GS light-trucks for the Australian army. These flat-panel one-tonner prototypes were 4x4s powered by Falcon sixes – not light-years different from a 4x4 Falcon ute project."

See the full story here.

You can also see a Reader Ride story on one here.

There's another in-depth feature on the utes here.

Meanwhile this wagon is located up in Hervey Bay in Queensland and is on the maret for $40,000


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