Premcar Falcon 'Holy Grail' - today's tempter

By: Unique Cars magazine

holy grail falcon Holy Grail XR8 holy grail falcon

XR8-based missile

The proverbial fat lady had stopped warbling, and it was all over for Ford Australia as a manufacturer. However a dedicated group of enthusiasts at Premcar saw an opportunity, back in 2019, to produce a low-volume special based on the last of the local XR8 FGX Falcons.

Dubbed with the somewhat flamboyant name 'Holy Grail'  these cars represented a serious hot-up of the standard platform. Claimed power went up from an already meaty 335kW to 483 (648hp) backed by a substantial 753Nm. Some of that was achieved by lifting the revs on the Miami V8 engine to 6800 for peak power, with a 7000 redline.

That package would set you back near $25,000, plus $4500 for the bespoke exhaust system - a lot of money, but the whole shebang was ADR-compliant.

You could simply order the engine upgrade, but that was doing it a dis-service. Premcar offered a Handling Option (that's right, the HO reference was more than a coincidence) which would set you back around a further $15,000. It included upgraded suspension and wheels. By all reports that was well worth the extra money, as it enabled you to more fully explore the car's enhanced performance.

Unique Cars mag did a launch review on the car and you can find it here.

An example of the full-house package, based on a 2014 FGX, has popped up on the market via Australian Muscle Car Sales. Located in Melbourne, it's priced at $89,000.


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