Ford XC Fairmont - today's family tempter

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ford xc fairmont Ford XC Fairmont ford xc fairmont

Big V8 cruiser

If you're looking for a family classic that's near enough to indesctructible, the Ford Falcon/Fairmont XA-XB-XC series is a pretty good place to start.

Certainly, they're no longer cheap, but if you shop around you can still find something that doesn't have a price tag resembling a telephone number. 

These cars were hugely significant for Ford Australia, given they were very much a local design effort.

We've done a lot on these series across the years, such as this feature on XB Fairmont, and this feature in the XC updates, albeit in the more humble Falcon 500.

You can find a wealth of material on XC by using this search.

As for this example, it's a 1977 XC Fairmont located near Melbourne with a 5.8lt V8 and auto. The owner claims a lot of recent work and is asking $48,000. See it here.

And, we have our next Aussie family car value guide coming out soon, on March 4 – look for it at your newsagent.


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