Toyota launches Heritage Parts reproduction for Supras and 2000GT

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Toyota Supra Heritage parts cover Toyota Supra Heritage parts cover

Owners of Toyota’s popular modern classics will soon be able to buy new parts over the counter

Toyota has announced the imminent launch of their GR Heritage Parts Project, along with pricing and production scheduling; as well as newly available parts for the ultra-rare 2000GT. 

We first reported on Toyota's parts reproduction initiative in May last year, at the Japanese launch of the fifth-generation A90 Supra. The program will see hard-to-source components for the third and fourth-generation Supra re-enter production, with certain components available as soon as August.

The Japanese manufacturer has stated that their new range of heritage parts will be available both in Japan and "overseas" meaning that parts long since discontinued will soon be available over the counter at your local Toyota dealership, including: door handles, headlight housings, driveshafts, weatherstripping and more. A welcome bit of factory support for loving owners of classic Toyota sports coupes who want to keep them on the road for years to come.


The third-generation (A70) Toyota Supra was the last Supra officially sold in Australia. Produced from 1986 to 1993, the Australian-spec cars were fitted with 2.8lt and 3.0lt versions of Toyota’s 7M inline-six.

The first batch of parts for the A70 Supra will include new door handles and a fuel sender which are reportedly able to be ordered now. Weather stripping, a new 'Supra' bonnet badge and driveshaft (not stated whether for auto or manual) will be available around towards the end of the year.


The fourth-generation (A80) Supra arrived in Australia as grey-imports in great numbers, and are the most desired thanks to various appearances within contemporary pop culture: from the Fast and Furious franchise to video games. Only new door handles are available right now, however a new replacement brake booster is due for launch on August 1, while complete new headlight housings are also due at the end of the year.


Also, in a shock announcement: Toyota will also be reproducing a number of critical mechanical components in aid of the incredibly rare and classic 2000GT. The 2000GT was produced from 1967 to 1970 with only 351 built in total.

New gears, synchro hubs and sleeves for the 2000GT's five-speed gearbox will be available as of August 2020; with a gasket and oil seal kit, bearings, snap rings, thrust washers and shift forks due for launch on September 1. Due to the 2000GTs scarcity however, parts will only be made available to owners of vehicles and in limited quantities to prevent resale.


Prices will not be cheap however, with A70 and A80 door handles listed at ¥33,000 each, which equates to AU$442. The A70 bonnet badge alone comes out to ¥50,000, or AU$669.

But manufacturers rebooting small-scale production of decades-old parts is not a cheap exercise, and fastidious owners of these vehicles will likely not object as prices for these Japanese classics continues to soar.

Recent auction prices have seen original MkIV Supras sell for astronomical prices, with a 1994 turbo targa example fetching an eye-watering AU$245,505 at RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island sale in March 2019.

The GR Hertiage Parts program sees Toyota join a growing fraternity of Japanese manufacturers offering parts reproduction support for some of the storied models within their back-catalogue.


Mazda’s ‘Restore service’ has launched a similar program for the humble NA-generation MX-5, and even boasts a dedicated in-house factory restoration program for Japanese owners. Honda still offers parts for their NSX supercar, and recently rebooted parts production for their cutesy little Beat roadster. Nissan spearheaded the movement with their Nismo Heritage Parts Program which has seen numerous expansions encompassing Skyline generations from R32-R34.

Toyota’s GR Heritage Parts may be of a small release for now, but given enough market response, it can be predicted to expand with more parts, and even perhaps other models, in the future.

You can find all of Toyota's available Heritage products, as well as a release calendar, at the Toyota Gazoo Racing website here.


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