Craig Lowndes’ first HRT Commodore undergoes restoration

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

HRT resto front side HRT resto front side
HRT resto rear side HRT resto rear side
HRT resto beginnings HRT resto beginnings

Now in private hands, Lowndes’ first HRT Commodore is being fastidiously restored

Craig Lowndes’ first Holden Racing Team Commodore, now in the hands of a private collector, in being fastidiously restored as the #106 VP Commodore, as raced at the 1994 Adelaide Grand Prix.

Speaking to, the owner explains that the car has received significant attention and work over recent months, and is nearing completion and currently being assembled after recently returning from paint.


"We’re up to finishing bolting the brakes together" the owner said to v8sleuth.

"The engine, gearbox and diff are all there, the tail shaft as well, the fuel system is pretty well done and we’re waiting on a radiator… the fuel and oil lines are done, we’ve got a correct seat, the stickering is all finished and ready to be applied, most of the wiring is sorted and most of it has been put in, so it’s not that far off being finished".


Elsewhere, the car’s original dash – with period CAMS racing sticker – as well as the original steering wheel and column have been sourced for the cabin. The air jacks were also previously relocated from the grille to the B-pillar, so that is being reversed to its correct ‘as-raced’ 1994 location.

The chassis actually was born as HRT’s first Group A VN Commodore, before being updated to VP specification in 1992. Later in life, it was upgraded again to VR/VS specification.

It looks like a fantastic project, and we can’t wait to see the car completed.

You can follow along HRT 26’s Restoration on Facebook right here.


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