Toyota announces parts reproduction for third and fourth generation Supras

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Toyota Supra Heritage parts MK4 Toyota Supra Heritage parts MK4

Toyota joins the growing number of Japanese manufacturers supporting their historic models

At the launch of the fifth-generation A90 Toyota Supra in Japan on May 17th; officials from Toyota’s performance arm, Gazoo Racing, announced that the company will soon launch a host of factory reproduction components for the third and fourth-generation Supras as part of the new "GR Heritage Parts Project".

Head of Gazoo Racing, and loving owner of his own A80 Supra, Sigeki Tomoyama announced the program, though did not go in to specifics about what components would be available.


While Tomoyama’s statements were made in Japanese, Japanese Nostalgic Car translated key parts of the announcement. He stated: "we cannot answer about specific parts at this time, but we will make every effort to meet the expectations of owners".

His statements were met with applause and audible cheers from Supra owners who had gathered at Toyota’s Megaweb showroom in Odaiba Japan for the launch.


The third generation (A70) Toyota Supra was the last Supra sold locally in Australia. Produced from 1986 to 1993, Australian-spec cars were fitted with 2.8lt and 3.0lt 7M inline-sixes.

The fourth-generation (A80) Supra arrived in Australia in great numbers as grey-imports, and are the most desired thanks to various appearances in contemporary culture, from The Fast & The Furious movies to video games. Recent worldwide auctions have seen original MKIV Supras fetching astronomical prices. The newfound heritage parts program should be a welcome market stabilisation for owners looking to source original items.


Tomoyama himself is an owner of a fourth-generation A80 Supra, a 1997 model with TRD aero package, and modified to around 447kW (pictured below, behind him and the new A90 Supra). When asked about the new Supra at the event, he responded: the new Supra is a great car… but I don’t intend to let go of this [A]80 Supra in my lifetime".


With the announcement, Toyota joins a growing number of Japanese manufacturers pledging componentry support for their storied back-catalogues. Nissan’s Hertiage Parts program encompassing R32-R34 generation Skyline GT-Rs is one of the more extensive programs; with reproduced engines and body panels. Honda still offers parts support for their NSX supercar, while Mazda has launched similar support for NA MX-5s, and even boast a specialist division for in-house restorations (but only if you live in Japan, and your car is deemed "worthy").

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