1971 Ford XY Fairmont Wagon – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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XY Fairmont 4x4 XY Fairmont 4x4

XY Fairmont wagon with running gear from a genuine XY 4x4: this is unique

Here’s another interesting project: an XY Fairmont Wagon with its running gear lifted from one of rare 432-produced XY 4x4 utes.

The XY 4x4 was a small run of largely hand-converted utes sold in 1972, though development started years back and faced various speed bumps. They were assembled, largely by hand, at Ford’s Brisbane Assembly Plant, which were also responsible for low-volume builds of right-hand drive F-trucks.


The 4x4 copped beefier subframes, rear undercarriage and various cab reinforcements; as well as heavy duty axles and clutch; all were delivered with 250ci straight-sixes and a three-speed BorgWarner transmission.

They’ve always been a rare oddity amongst the expansive XY lineup; now one-car rare thanks to this curious conversion.


This ’71 XY Fairmont wagon has had its guts replaced with an original and rare 4x4 ute.

We’d guess that the conversion likely took place in the past, perhaps when 4x4s weren’t as high on the collector radar. The seller states the car "goes, runs and stops"… which is good.


Overall, the car looks a like it’s seen its fair share of weather; but it’s intact, all there, and in running condition.

It’s also available for cheap – and would suit someone with the means and eyes for a truly unique restoration.

The car is based in Tasmania, and is listed for $12,500.

Check out the full listing here!


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