Angelo's new-old-stock (NOS) top picks 432

By: Angelo Loupetis

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seat retractor seat retractor

Angelo's petrol-head passion doesn't stop with classic cars - he's always on the lookout for cool memorabilia and accessories

Universal Kraco Seat Belt Retractors

These are clever little devices that not only dress up your cabin with a dash of chrome but also tidy up the sloppy appearance of loose lap belts. Wind the mechanism to your desired belt length and the retractor will do its duty in hiding your belts. Two retractors are included per pack and the seller has four sets!

Cost $44 plus shipping & GST


1982 Ford service dealership display


How cool is this! A brand-new dealership signage display from 1982 and it even has a clock with the service department pricing board. Just the thing for the FoMoCo fan who wants the ultimate garage decor.

A costly purchase but will you ever find another?

Cost $4000 ono plus shipping & GST


'Sport' steering wheel wrap


Remember that steering wheel wrap your classic had that you immediately threw away? Well they are a fashionable item nowadays on your exotic European ride. This red wrap will look wonderful after you have weaved your magic on your original twirler.

COST $215 plus shipping & GST


Gas saver


Locking gas/fuel caps are a must-have accessory but this concept goes one step further. The 'gas saver' anti-theft device is a spring coil you install into your fuel filler neck that will stop those fuel siphoning thieves in their tracks! It restricts any hose going into your filler neck. I can just picture them hanging up on your old servo wall covered in a layer of dust. A cool thing to have in your boot to remember the old days of motoring.

COST $15 plus shipping & GST



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