Online bids open on massive Lost in the 50s Museum collection

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Massive collection of classic cars and Americana memorabilia all up for grabs!

Online bids open on massive Lost in the 50s Museum collection
Online bids open on massive Lost in the 50s Museum collection

The Lost in the 50s Museum presented a curated collection of the finest American machines from the era of wild fins and wild paint.

The collection was largely hand assembled by Glen and Kelly Jennings over three decades, and spans cars, boats, buses, caravans and numerous pieces of historical Americana.

It’s the classic cars of interest to us of course.

And there are plenty of them up for grabs!

From classic Oldsmobiles and Mercuries, to blue-chip Mustangs and Camaros – if you’re after anything American from the last century, there’s a fair chance they’ve got it!

Online bidding has already begun, though many of the cars have yet to gain any traction.

Many have only a couple of bids, of which most are nowhere near any reasonable reserve price.

But classic American Iron has never really garnered the same attention that our local muscle cars do. And as our home-grown heroes continue to blowout in price, it’s likely we’ll see a surge in interest for these American classics in due time.

If you’d like to stick a classic car in the driveway for those recreational weekend cruises, classic American cars often offer a more value to the mainstay Aussie classics. Have a look at all available lots here!

The only lots we can see that have gained any reasonable bidding action are two movie car replicas; a 1981 DeLorean dressed as a Back to the Future movie car, and an Adam West-era 1966 Batmobile.


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