Is this the greatest Eleanor Mustang in the world?

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Bespoke engineering with cutting-edge components yet still classic in feel

As classic cars grow ever-popular, the demand for high-end bespoke engineering underneath the old skin grows too.

US Classic Muscle Cars in Melbourne are at the forefront of this big-dollar restomod movement, and are one of the most comprehensive and outright incredible businesses we’ve come across.

This GT500 Eleanor boasts the looks and feel that all classic Mustang owners are familiar with, but is hand-built in-house utilising modern techniques and an unmatched level of detail.

Starting with the very original 1967/1968 bodies that directors Dylan and Richard personally source in the US, the car undergoes a full rotisserie restoration, gains bespoke mechanical work and paint all inside their humble workshop. The only thing they don’t do themselves is the interior upholstery – and the only ceiling to the ultimate invoice is the ceiling of your own imagination!

Our very own John Bowe called it the greatest Eleanor in the world; so check out the video above, watch the build process and see for yourself!

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