Custom-built Eleanor Mustang

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Mustang's bespoke muscle

Eleanor -Mustang

Custom-built Eleanor Mustang

Classic Muscle Cars, aka Eastern Prestige, on the outskirts of Melbourne has been updating its component list and build process, and is now producing Coyote-powered Eleanor Mustangs alongside some of the more traditional options.

Constructors and business partners Richard George and Dylan Hutchinson have an infectious enthusiasm.

The company offers a tailor-made build, starting with a genuine Mustang body rather than an aftermarket shell. Why? Two reasons: one is they believe they can get a better result with the real thing, though it’s widely recognised by aftermarket builders that the original cars had some pretty wide production tolerances and were far from perfect ex-factory. The second is they believe the end product will hold its value better.

That said, unstitching, repairing and moisture-proofing an original body is hugely time-consuming and is a major contributor to the one-year build time.

From there, the team brings in and puts together the major componentry, including power train, suspension and so-on. George says they like to carry out a dummy fit fairly early in the project so they can get a heads-up on any issues as before any finishing work is tackled. "We need to have about 90 per cent of the parts before you start, so it can be jigged up – that’s the correct way to do it," he explains.

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Each car is different, but the team does offer a range of packages that are engineered to go well together. At the moment their favoured engine is the five-litre Coyote, which is bought new from Ford. It can be left stock, or supercharged to some pretty wild levels, however you get the sense the team likes a package that offers about 600 horses which they say is still very drive-able.

Behind that, a six-speed Tremec transmission is the most popular option, though a four-speed auto ‘borrowed’ from a modern F150 is on the shopping list for those who prefer a more cruisy drive.

There are a few suspension options, using TCI and Detroit Speed components, generally using coil-over suspension. The end result is something that’s light years ahead of the stock gear and which the crew says helps make the end product drive like a modern car.

As for pulling up the monster, the team is leaning towards Baer braking components, which they regard as the best.

From there, it comes down to what you want and are prepared to pay for. Trim is custom-made, and there are mod cons such as electric glass and air-conditioning on the options list.

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So what does it cost? That depends entirely on what you want, but start thinking $200k-plus. "We don’t do it on the cheap," explains George, "A quality product costs. But you get a full price list right from the start and you know exactly what you’re up for."

Much of the work is done in-house, including wiring, engine, assembly, bodywork and development. That’s to keep a tight grip on quality control and ensure that timelines don’t blow out. If a one-off Mustang has some appeal, this lot is worth checking out. See


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