Automobili Amos reimagines the Lancia Delta

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Delta Futurista Delta Futurista
Delta Futurista rear Delta Futurista rear
Delta Futurista side Delta Futurista side
Delta Futurista front Delta Futurista front
Delta Futurista side detail Delta Futurista side detail
Delta Futurista interior profile Delta Futurista interior profile
Delta Futurista interior rear Delta Futurista interior rear
Delta Futurista interior cluster Delta Futurista interior cluster
Delta Futurista interior detail Delta Futurista interior detail

A project born of passion, the Delta Futurista is the ultimate restomod

The Automobili Amos Delta Futurista is the passion project of Eugenio Amos, a fanatical car collector whose garage is filled to the brim with the likes of: a one-off Ferrari F40, a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, a bespoke Mulliner-built and Cosworth-powered Bentley Continental, and a Porsche 997 GT2.

Clearly, he’s a man of taste – if not extremely well-healed.

Many of his cars are finished in his signature shades of green (as is his entire personal garage) – and sharing the purposefully curated garage space at one point were multiple Lancia Deltas.


The Delta was Amos’ first automotive love, and he bemoaned Lancia’s fall from grace from a storied motorsports marque to the humdrum shell it remains today.

Like Singer is to the air-cooled Porsche, and Eagle is to the Jaguar E-type; Automobili Amos’ mission statement from the start was a tongue-in-cheek: "Make Lancia Great Again".

Amos maintains the car isn’t about the numbers, but we know you want them anyway.

It has around 330hp, weighs 1250kg and costs roughly AUD$487,000.


The body reflects the widened haunches of the Delta Integrale, beaten by hand out of aluminium, with the front fascia composed entirely out of carbon fibre.

Inside, the cabin is inspired by the Delta S4 Stradale and is fitted with a custom steering wheel and Recaro seats – all dipped in brown alcantara.

Underneath; the differential has been rebuilt, the original transmission has been reinforced and the car boasts a new intake and water cooling system.


Overall, it’s a radical reimagining of the pint-sized rally monster. It’s not about being the fastest, or the lightest, or the most luxurious.

Amos’ sole vision was to create the Lancia that was every bit as great as the brand he has loved for so long. And with this – we reckon he’s achieved just that.


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