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By: Mark Higgins

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Highlights from recent car auctions around the world...

1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet

Sold: $182,000
RM Sothebys

The last Porsche 356 with a Type 6 body was designated 356 C. It had new steering and a compensating spring at the rear to calm the swing axle suspension. Four-wheel discs and a 12-volt electrical system became available. This one has the lower-spec 55Kw 1,600-cc engine. This gem has only travelled 100,000km since new.


1970 Ford Falcon XY GS 500 ute

Sold: $162,000


Race cars were once shuffled about on trailers, often hired from the local servo. Allan Moffat was no exception with his Ford Mustang TransAm towed behind this beaut ute. Like Moff’s Mustang this ute is a rare beast with a 351, four-speed, nine-inch diff combo. Painted in Vermillion Fire it had 94,148 miles showing. What we don’t know is if the great man ever had a pedal in it.


2004 Pontiac GTO

Passed in: $9500


We showed the Yanks our Aussie muscle with the Monaro, which was exported stateside after it copped a set of Pontiac GTO badges. Given rocketing Monaro prices here, this is a cheap way of acquiring one. In its snout is the 5.7 V8, bolted to a six-speed manual. This one-owner 2004 car has been tweaked with a Magnaflow exhaust, HSV intake and has all original docs. If Border Security lets it home, it’s excellent buying.


1980 Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer

Sold: $290,000


Coachwork by Scaglietti and design by Pininfarina, does it get any better? Ferrari’s first 12-cylinder road car is fed by four, three-barrel Weber carbs giving it a 360hp shove. Over the years and its handful of owners its had a light cosmetic and mechanical makeover. The Rosso Corsa paint and Nero leather interior are quintessential Ferrari and this has full history files and owners manual.


What's moving and shaking:

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV


In 1974 Alfa Romeo introduced the Giugiaro designed Alfetta. It arrived in both sedan and coupe form, but we'll stick with the coupe. Initially powered by a 2.0-litre four, it later got a 2.5 V6 shoehorned under the bonnet. For 50/50 weight distribution its gearbox and clutch was with the differential and rear Di Dion tube suspension. Up front was double wishbones. The tacho, fuel, water and oil pressure gauges lived in a central cluster with the speedo in front of the driver. They had rust and body issues early on and their electronics were a source of annoyance and amazement at the same time. Considerably cheaper these days than a 105 GTV, prices won’t stay low forever. The GTV won the 1987 Australian Rally Championship and was a Bathurst regular.

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