Ford builds ten millionth Mustang

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

ten millionth mustang Factory complete ten millionth mustang Factory complete

While the car hasn't been officially announced, have a sneak peek from inside the factory

Just days ago, our brothers at Motor Magazine reported that the ten millionth Ford Mustang was just days away from rolling off the production line.

With leaked clandestine photos from inside the factory, notable Ford personality Evan J. Smith claims this to be the milestone car.

At a glance, it looks to be any other 2018 Mustang GT convertible – rather pedestrian, no?

However, the eagle-eyed Mustang fans out there will know that the car’s paint, Wimbledon White, is not an available option for this generation.

Furthermore, a Wimbledon White convertible was the exact same specification as the very first pre-production Mustang ever sold. Almost 200 pre-production cars were mistakenly shipped out to dealerships, and that first ever car ended up on sale in Newfoundland. With 22,000 orders flooding in on opening day, Ford had no idea that the very first mustang had mistakenly been distributed and sold to Eastern Provincial pilot, Captain Stanley Tucker.


Ford eventually bought the first car back from Tucker, who initially declined to part with his beloved new car.

In a strange twist of fate, Tucker’s replacement was a similar white convertible Mustang. And guess what? That very Mustang turned out to be the landmark one millionth Mustang produced!

While Ford has yet to officially comment on this new GT convertible being the historic ten millionth Mustang, it would be a poignant head-nod to its past, seeing the significant milestone car match its predecessors.

Ford is reportedly set to announce the car on August 8, so we can expect to hear news tomorrow accounting for the international time difference.


Rumour has it that the car will be a centrepiece attraction at the Woodward Dream Cruise held on August 18, which Ford happens to sponsor.

It’s rare for sports cars to reach the same production milestones as more mass-market cars, but ten million is a momentous achievement for the Ford Mustang, and cements its status as one of the most iconic cars ever.


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