1985 HDT VK Director - Reader Ride

By: Daniel Tabone with Guy Allen, Photography by: Nathan Jacobs

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hdt vk director 1 hdt vk director 1
hdt vk director rear hdt vk director rear
hdt vk director 2 hdt vk director 2
hdt vk director engine bay hdt vk director engine bay
hdt vk director interior hdt vk director interior
daniel tabone daniel tabone

From the same era as the Blue Meanie, the Director added luxo to the specs

Daniel Tabone's 1985 HDT Director

I think this is one of seven Directors in black. It was first sold by a dealership in Adelaide and I think that owner had it for around 18 months. I got it in Canberra about two years ago.

I’ve been in touch with the second, third and fourth owners – I’m the fifth. The second owner went to Adelaide to buy it, drove it back to Melbourne and his story was he knew Peter Brock. Before he took it back to his home state of Tassie he dropped in at Bertie St (Brock’s old headquarters in Port Melbourne). Brock went for a run around the block with him and that’s when the car got fitted with a Polarizer. Of course it’s still there.

Why a Director? I don’t know! I was looking for a blue Meanie or a Walkinshaw and then this came up. It’s different and unique, and has a mad story to it.


It’s only done 112,000km at this stage, so there’s a lot of life left in it.

It has the warmed-up 304 V8 and a five-speed manual. I’ve mostly left it alone, but I’ve fitted it with the Spa front end, with the lights. The story I’ve been told is they took a couple of VKs to Europe for the Spa race and took around seven of these special bumpers with them and three came back. It’s stamped HDT and is the genuine article. I’ve kept the standard one at home.

It’s awesome to drive. Very tight it’s a really nice cruiser. He knew how to set up a car beautifully and it’s still a really nice car after 30 years.

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