DIY Brock HDT - at a price

By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars mag

brock seats VH seats. brock seats
brock headrests HDT-style headrests. brock headrests
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There's a burgeoning interior refit industry out there

DIY Brock HDT - at a price
Are you building one of these? There are heaps of resources out there.

If you're restoring an eighties Brock/HDT Commodore, or perhaps upgrading your existing toy to hero car spec, there seems to be a wealth of resources out there, albeit at a price.

Unique Cars mag has been casting around for bits and pieces recently for a project we have in mind (more on that soon) and we keep tripping over all sorts of interesting gear.

This morning we were looking at interiors. Original seats for example can cost a fortune individually, but you can in fact buy complete sets of 'correct' seats for VH and VK series pretty much off the shelf.

Here's an example, priced at $6350 (on eBay), including front and rear pews. That's a lot of money, but the cost of building your own replicas isn't cheap, either.

If you're 'Brockifying' a more humble model, one option is to fit the low-style headrest to the stock front seats, which gets you some towards the 'right' look without the big expense. To that end, you can buy a pair of headrests for $450. Ouch!

And to complete the look, how about a Brock-style tool bag? Yep, you can have a new repro for $250.

Of course the list goes on - there's a pretty big cottage industry out there, helping people to reproduce and restore these eighties icons.

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