Torana GTR XU-1 Tribute - today's auction tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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torana grays Holden Torana LJ GTR XU-1 tribute torana grays

GTR brought up to XU-1 spec

Holden's LC and LJ GTR XU-1 Toranas were very successfully used as giant killers for years, with the nimble sixes winning a lot of tinware both on tarmac and the rally circuit.

However, like several other hero Aussie cars, prices for the real thing have climbed out of reach of most of us. You can thank big demand and small production numbers. 

That's the case with the GTR XU-1, and good quality tribute cars have, over the years, been accepted as a legitimate part of the scene.

This 1972 LJ, which had the advantage of starting out as a GTR, clearly had a lot of effort put into the build. The list of components mentioned by auctioneer Grays includes an XU-1 block and fuel tank and original Sprintmaster wheels.

It claims ultra-low miles and a recent refresh, with Grays saying it is very much a turn-key offering.

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