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porsche356b Porsche 356B porsche356b

Early model that made the marque's reputation

If you're a Porsche fan, you're going to find it difficult to walk past this 1962 356B without talking a long hard look.

The 356 for many is the epitome of the early Porsche credo. It's from an era when cars were lighter and simpler, and the Porsche product of this era was special.

Former Touring Car champ John Bowe, in a feature on a race-prepped 356C, describes it this way: "These early Porsches don’t weigh much. Everything is so light; the steering, the brakes, the clutch, you never have to wrestle the car. You might think this a strange analogy but it’s almost like riding a motorbike! You almost think it around the corner."

This 1600cc example is largely original, with only minor additions such as a stereo and spotlamps. The auction house says the left-hand-drive car is in good overall condition, though the paint rates as 'fair' and could stand a freshen-up.

It would be sorely tempting just to drive it as-is. Collecting Cars has it for auction, here.


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