Henry Ford II's Mustang + HQ SS sedan + Escort RS2000 - Auction Action 455

By: Mark Higgins

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The auction scene continues to bustle along. Here are some of the highlights...

Henry Ford II's 1966 Ford Mustang GT

Sold: A$437,046
Barrett Jackson

When Henry Ford decided to bury Ferrari at LeMans with the GT40 in 1966, his company built him a one-off Mustang to drive on French backroads while his racers were doing the same. Not only does it have the Henry Ford II provenance it also has a 289ci K-code V8. It has specially styled steel wheels and a quicker steering ratio.


1964 Ford Anglia 105E

Sold: $29,500


This is the small Ford the Escort replaced. The 105 Anglia.was once the king of Pommy driveways with its signature reverse slant rear glass. This restored one has a ‘Kent’ engine bored to 1800cc, fed by a pair of 40mm Webers. It looks brilliant in cream with green Lotus side stripe and rolls on 13 inch Superlite alloys. The suspension, gearbox and brakes have also been uprated and inside is new trim and carpet. What a fun toy.


1972 Holden HQ SS sedan

Sold: $85,500


This one-owner, original and unrestored HQ with full history, in Ultra Violet, marks the start of the SS dynasty. Basically a Belmont with a heap of parts thrown at it and 3M striping, the SS was an instant hit. The original 253ci V8, M20 four-speed manual, sports suspension, bucket seats with houndstooth cloth inserts, a GTS steering wheel and dash are there but need a total rebuild. What a project!.


1980 Ford Escort RS2000

Sold: $38,500


The RS2000 has enjoyed a strong following and unique to Oz was a four-door version with a 2.0lt four behind its droop snout. This one is original right down to its Scheel seats. Adding colour to its history, it was repainted after bushfire damage. The black cloth-faced seats and vinyl trim are original and with a little elbow grease the interior could sparkle again. A perfect start or addition to a Ford collection.


Auction watch: What's moving & shaking

Mitsubishi Galant VR4 - 1990-93


The VR4 arrived here in 1990 with a twin-cam, 16V turbo engine producing 148kW. Standard kit included AWD a five-speed gearbox, alloy wheels, air-conditioning, sports seats, all-wheel steering and ABS. Many owners flung the unsupportive seats for comfier pews. And many ditched its rear-wheel steering hardware, so check that carefully. Many have been rallied so look for excessive wear and tear. They haven’t set the world on fire resale wise so if you want something that’s good fun to punt check out the VR4. They can be found for as little as five grand.


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