Subaru 22B-STI + Jaguar XK150S + Ford XE ESP - Auction action 454

By: Mark Higgins

subaru 22b subaru 22b

The auction scene continues to bustle along. Here are some of the highlights...

1999 Subaru 22B-STI Type UK

Sold: A$312,720

Who played Colin McRae Rally on Play station? You can again, with a real one. This 22B-STi Type UK version achieved a record price. One of 16 built, it has been with its current owner for 18 years and clocked 49,000 miles. Built to celebrate the marque’s 40th anniversary and its third straight WRC title, the 22B STi is a production version of Subaru’s two-door World Rally Car.


1960 Jaguar XK150S 3.8-litre Drophead

Sold: A$164,000


One man's trash is another man’s treasure… What we have is the remains of a 1960 Jag XK150 S Drophead after the driver speared off a wet road in September 1996, stuffed it into something big and immovable, walked away from the crash and stuck the wreck in his shed for 25 years. A representative of the auction house has been quoted in UK media as saying it’s not as bad as it looks. Hope he is right. Good examples can fetch $400,000-plus. Good luck.

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1982 Ford Fairmont Ghia XE ESP V8 manual

Sold: $354,750
Grays auctions


In 1982 Ford dumped the V8 and headed in a new direction, making any XE with a bent 8 an instant classic. This one is the top dog Ghia ESP and, more importantly, it’s near enough to brand new. A commemorative plaque was fitted by Ford Australia to the dash solidifying this unique car's part in history. Even so, that's a long, long, way from the numbers on previous XE sales.

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1973 Falcon XA GT Hardtop RPO 83

Sold: A$276,009
Grays auctions


One owner, found in a shed. It sounds like a pub yarn, doesn’t it? In 1973 the vendor bought this one of a kind Sogo Port Wine-coloured XA GT RPO 83 hardtop, Then in 1991 he stuck it in the shed until it went to auction. An ACCHS report confirms this was built with the RPO 83 Option. It needs a ton of work but we’d all love to own it, wouldn’t we?


Auction watch: What's moving & shaking

Holden Gemini TG Z/ZZ


The Holden TG Gemini was the final hurrah for the rear-wheel drive body. Brisbane built, as were all Geminis, the TG introduced a diesel option and a silver only sporty ZZ/Z, with a body kit featuring a front bar and wind splitters on top of the guards, (like the VH HDTs) a boot spoiler, alloy wheels, and blue and black ZZ/Z decals. Sadly mods were confined to cosmetics with standard Gemini running gear and only a five-speed manual. Easy to work on and a reasonable supply of parts, though some Z/ZZ specific bits may be harder to find, it’ll provide hours of cheap thrills.


From Unique Cars #454, June 2021

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