Bargains still exist in USA market - Lincoln Continental Mk5

By: Unique Cars magazine

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Max metal for your money

Here's living proof that there is still the odd bargain out there when it comes to chrome bumper cars - or at least there is in the USA market.




This 1977 Lincoln Continental Mk 5 recently sold for a paltry US$8277, or Au$10,700. Not only is it a Conti, but it's the Cartier edition.

With 64,000 miles (103,000km) on the odo, it claims to be in sound mechanical condition and is riding on new tyres.




Speaking of mechanicals, it has the premium 460ci (7.5lt) V8 which claims a tame 208 horses (155kW) and a more promising 356ft-lb (482Nm) of torque.




Overall, this is one of the longest passenger cars made by Ford, despite being a two-door. The panels and interior on this one seem to be in decent shape.




And the final bonus? There is a box of 8-track cassetes in the boot!

We have a suspicion it would eat its own weight in fuel each week, but it would be a hell of a way travel.

Sadly, the cost of getting it here would probably go close to double the purchase price – but it's nice to dream!

See the lot here.


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