1984 Porsche 944 – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars Magazine

Porsche 944 front side Porsche 944 front side
Porsche 944 rear side Porsche 944 rear side
Porsche 944 side Porsche 944 side
Porsche 944 interior Porsche 944 interior
Porsche 944 oem wheels Porsche 944 oem wheels
Porsche 944 oem steering wheel Porsche 944 oem steering wheel

Affordable entry Porsche ownership: good condition throughout with some easily reversible modifications

Porsche’s front-engined coupes were long relegated to the fringes of Stuttgart shield desirability, positioned as the entry-level offering and, on upon a time, in collector circles; owning a Porsche with the engine at the front simply said that you couldn’t afford a 911.

But now no one can afford a Porsche 911.

With the runaway boom of air-cooled 911s, the ‘entry-level’ range of front-engined two-doors now represents one of the last bastions of affordable entry into the brand.


They’ve always offered fantastic driving experience which belied their prior undesirable reputation; although prices have risen over recent years in the wake up of the 911’s rise.

The 944 in particular is one of the more popular variants, and was much improved over the preceding 924.

The 944 famously boasted near perfect 50/50 weight distribution thanks to Porsche’s use of a rear-mounted transaxle, and gained disc brakes all around and an increased track.

Costing $33,290 upon launch in Australia in 1992, the cars came standard with manually-wound windows and plain trim, although power windows, power steering, sunroof and optional leather trim were soon added.


This 1984 example looks like well-kept example, and comes heavily optioned with sunroof, power windows, and leather trim.

It’s an automatic which may dissuade some, but is described by the seller to be in ‘mint condition’.

The 944 bears some easily reversible modifications that may not suit everyone, including: 19" wheels, aftermarket steering wheel, and some carbon fibre-look vinyl wrap on the instrument binnacle.


Photos attached within the listing show a set of Porsche oem wheels and the oem steering wheel, that we assume may be included in the sale. If so, its new owner should be able to return the car to factory with minimal effort.

Elsewhere however, the paint shows plenty of lustre while the interior looks largely free of wear with some minor creasing to the leather seats.

It makes for a stylish 80s cruiser and is remains one of the most affordable paths into Porsche ownership.

This Porsche 944 is based in Victoria, and is listed for $19,000.

Check out the full listing here!


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