The Peugeot museum is selling 60 weird and wonderful cars from its private collection

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Peugeot 406 supertouring Peugeot 406 supertouring
Peugeot 405 rally raid proto Peugeot 405 rally raid proto
Peugeot AX superproduction Peugeot AX superproduction
Peugeot backwards 1 Peugeot backwards 1
Peugeot backwards 2 Peugeot backwards 2
Peugeot Citroen C2 V6 Peugeot Citroen C2 V6
Peugeot FLUX Peugeot FLUX

From prototypes and design studies to competition race cars, the collection will be auctioned on September 20

When it comes to cars, like many things, no one does it quite like the French.

Peugeot in particular represents one of the oldest manufacturers in the world, whose family-owned business which preceded the contemporary Peugeot brand being founded almost 200 years ago in 1810.

Hailing from Sochaux, France; the museum located there have announced the sale of 60 unique vehicles from its private collection, which will be facilitated by the auction house Aguttes on September 20.


The sale includes many on-off and unique vehicles which range from prototypes and design studies, to road cars and race cars of all eras.


For many, it’s the former racecars that will prove most appealing. One with an Australian connection is the Peugeot Mi16 4x4 ‘Grand Raid’ Prototype from the 80s, which was originally built for the Australian Safari Rally.


Elsewhere in the catalogue: a Citroen AX Turbo 1.6 caught our eye as one of just four produced, as well as the more contemporary Peugeot 406 SuperTourisme.


Equally outrageous are the many one-off concept cars and design studies from the museum’s collection. The 2005 Citroen C2 V6 hatchback looks attractive to us, although the outrageous Peugeot Flux concept has it beat for sheer look-factor.

The two most ‘unique’ cars of the lot, however, aren’t the wild concepts or the competition cars. Instead, they just might be these two curious art cars – both of which starred in Michel Gondry’s 2013 film Lecume Des Jours. You won't be driving them on the road, but they're certainly a statement piece for any eccentric collection.


There’s plenty more to see though, including beautiful pre-war art deco cars or even a 1973 Citroen ambulance. You can view the entire sale at


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