DMC DeLorean one big step closer to producing new DMC-12s

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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NEW DMC12 factory NEW DMC12 factory

New legal developments could see new DeLoreans produced as early as 2021

Back in 2016, DeLorean Motor Company –owners of the DeLorean brand since 1995 – announced that they would build a ‘limited run’ of box-fresh DMC-12s out of new-old-stock parts.

The announcement was made in response to US Congress’ "Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act" of 2015, which stipulated that small companies could produce up to 325 vehicles per year that need not conform to federal safety and design regulations.


Until now DMC have been unable to follow through with their vision, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) failed to submit guidelines for the proposed new legislation by the initial deadline of December 2016.

In December of 2019, SEMA filed a lawsuit against the NHTSA for their failure to implement the low-volume legislature and have, seemingly, spurred the regulatory body into action.

After years of silence, the NHTSA have released a 120-page document outlining regulations for the new law, with DeLorean Vice President James Espey confirming to Hagerty, that plans are finally underway to begin production of the "new" DMC-12s.

Hagerty reports that the reborn DeLoreans will likely utilise a modern powerplant making approximately 220kW-260kW, as well as a modern interior with contemporary technology such as ABS and traction control. Other outlets predicted finished cars to cost around AU$150,000.


However, the NHTSA’s recent outlining of proposed regulations does not mean that the proposed LVMVMA Act has been passed in to law. Low-volume manufacturers like DMC must first wait for a 30-day comment period to pass,  and then an Office & Budget Review must be carried out – which could take six months.

The US’ upcoming presidential election could also affect how soon the proposed legislation is passed into law.

"There will be no cars produced under this legislation for at least a year, and that’s presuming the feds do their job this time and don’t drag it out for four more years", said Espey.

But it’s a welcome step forward for numerous low-volume vehicle manufacturers in the US, as well as anyone who has ever dreamed of getting their hands on a box-fresh DeLorean.


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