1989 Porsche 944 Turbo – Today’s Tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

944 Turbo 944 Turbo

Australian-delivered, high-spec Turbo S configuration

Porsche’s front-engined coupes were long relegated to the fringes of Stuttgart Shield desirability, positioned as the entry-level offering and, in collector circles, owning a Porsche with the engine at the front simply said you couldn’t afford a 911.

But now no one can afford a 911.

With the runaway boom of air-cooled 911s, Porsche’s ‘entry-level’ coupes now represent one of the last bastions of (relative) affordable entry into the brand.

They’ve always been astounding cars, with prices rising in recent years in the wake of the 911’s stratospheric rise.

The 944 arrived in 1982, and was much-improved over the preceding 924.

It had near 50/50 weight distribution, full disc brakes and an increased track and width.

The 944 Turbo landed in Aussie dealerships in 1986, and set you back $115,000 when new – double the price of a standard naturally aspirated 944.

For 1989, Porsche dropped the Turbo S model, and instead amalgamated the range by lifting all Turbo-spec cars to Turbo S specification.

With it came the Turbo S’ more powerful engine, 16" Fuchs ‘Club Sport Design’ wheels, updated trans-axle, upgraded clutch, LSD, and the 928’s four-pot front Brembos.

This MY1989 car is a rare Australian-market 944 Turbo, and is factory optioned with electric sunroof, electric leather front seats and air conditioning.

It’s been upgraded with a short-shifter, ECU and Koni Adjustable shocks.

It presents very well both inside and out, and – while in the upper regions of 944 Turbo market value – would suit the most fastidious enthusiast/collector as a rare Australian-delivered example, and presenting in one of the highest specifications available.

The car is listed for $65,000 and is based in Victoria.

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