AU$400 million Colorado ranch comes with private car museum

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Gateway ranch Auto museum Gateway ranch Auto museum
Gateway ranch Aerial Gateway ranch Aerial
Gateway ranch Drivne Club inside Gateway ranch Drivne Club inside
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8,700 acre property includes fully-stocked car museum and super car rental club

Discovery Channel founder and billionaire John Hendricks is offering for sale a sprawling 8,700 acre resort for a positively ludicrous AU$403 million (US$279 million).

Of course that much money buys a property equally as ludicrous.

‘Gateway Canyons Ranches and Resort’ includes an expansive main residence, a fully-operating 72-room resort and spa, its very own airstrip, an observatory and a fully-stocked private car museum.


Of course it’s the Gateway Auto Museum that piques our interest! It’s a local tourist attraction filled to the brim with antique and vintage automobiles showcasing the evolution of the American automobile.

The cornerstone of its 50+ car collection is the 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 concept car, last sold at Barrett-Jackson’s 2005 Scottsdale auction for AU$4.8 million.


The oldest car in the collection that we can ascertain is a 1906 Cadillac Model H Coupe, with various cars spanning pre-war times, right through to a swathe of blue-chip 60s and 70s American Muscle classics.

Also located on the extensive property is a facility called the "Driven Club", where guests of the resort are given the opportunity to rent a number of late-model luxury and performance cars, including: a Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, Ford GT, Porsche 911 and several Bentleys. A trophy truck passenger experience is also on offer for the biggest thrill-seekers.


Of course if you’re shopping in this price bracket, you likely already have a small car collection of your own, and for that the main residence includes a large "five plus" car garage… and its own helipad because, of course it does.

It’s hard to get past the money being asked, but with a spectacular home surrounded by picturesque views and a numerous fully-fledged business operations, AU$400 million is essentially buying your own private town.


If you hit a Powerball or three, would this motoring dream facility be on your list?

Let us know!


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