‘Ford v Ferrari’ Hollywood movie comes out November 2019

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Ford v Ferrari 66 le mans Ford v Ferrari 66 le mans

Centered around the famous 1966 Le Mans enduro, the movie stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon

Fans of high-octane feature films should be ready to mark their calendars; as the long-awaited ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Hollywood movie – centred around the famous 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans – finally has a release date pegged for November 15 2019.

The movie is directed by James Mangold (who directed X-Men’s Logan of 2017), with Christian Bale playing Ken Miles, Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby, and Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead & The Punisher) playing Lee Iacocca.


Ford’s Le Mans campaign in 1966 is one of the most celebrated stories in motorsports. Ford was locked in a bitter rivalry with Ferrari after a prior business deal went sour and the booming age of globalism saw the blue-collar automaker desperate to take out a victory in order to bring their brand to the forefront of the world.

Ford’s GT40 was designed from its inception to be a Le Mans winner, a Ferrari-beater. Powered by a heroic 7.0lt V8, the GT40 was ahead of its time and is arguably the most significant American race car ever, winning Le Mans in 1966 and producing that iconic 1-2-3 photo finish.


Unfortunately, there are no trailers available yet; but the first footage shown at this year’s CinemaCon last month drew promise from critics, praised as a possible award winner.

So when November 15 comes around, we’ll be giving this one a watch!


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