‘The Italian Job’ Miura discovered and restored after 50 years of anonymity

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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Italian Job Miura Italian Job Miura
Italian Job Miura rear Italian Job Miura rear
Italian Job Miura side profile Italian Job Miura side profile
Italian Job Miura side profile open Italian Job Miura side profile open
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The car’s whereabouts was lost shortly after starring in the iconic 1969 film

In an odd case of serendipity; this year marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic film "The Italian Job", and the Lamborghini Miura utilised in the opening scene has resurfaced for the first time since.

"But wait, didn’t it crash in the opening scene?"

Well sort of.

Two identical orange Miuras were used; an already-crashed example that was subsequently tossed off a cliff with a bulldozer, and this car – chassis #3586 – for the driving shots.


The first car was previously wrecked in the Middle East, and returned to the factory. Lamborghini provided this car, along with an original and undamaged Miura to be driven by actor Rossano Brazzi and stunt driver Enzo Moruzzi along the Great St Bernard Pass.


Shortly after filming, the car was sold to a Rome-based customer. Its new owner very possibly had no idea of his new toy’s provenance as the car went unknown for decades.

In 2015, Octane magazine claimed that they had found "The Italian Job" Miura in the hands of a British collector, though Lamborghini only found and verified the vehicle in 2018; then-owned by a Fritz Kaiser, a collector based in Lichtenstein.


At the same time of verification, Lamborghini began restoring the vehicle within their in-house Polo Storico specialty department.

Lamborghini stated: "The car was sent to Lamborghini’s specialist historic department at its Sant’ Agata Bolognese headquarters, where Polo Storico’s reconstruction started from documentation in the company archives and from examining the car. The results were then supplemented with testimonies from enthusiasts and former employees, such as Enzo Moruzzi, who delivered the car to the set and drove it in all the shots as a stunt double. By doing this, Polo Storico was able to find the missing evidence and certify that the Miura P400, chassis #3586, was exactly the one used to shoot "The Italian Job". This recognition comes at the same time as the 50th anniversary celebrations of the film, released in June 1969."


Today, the car presents newly restored and as gorgeous as ever. Any Miura is special these days, but after 50 years – the provenance of chassis #3586 – is something to be celebrated.



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