Morgan sends off Aero 8 with 274kW coach-built Aero GT

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Morgan Aero GT LEAD Morgan Aero GT LEAD
Morgan Aero GT rear Morgan Aero GT rear
Morgan Aero GT side Morgan Aero GT side
Morgan Aero GT louvres Morgan Aero GT louvres

It’s a tall-order to send off the first new Morgan model since 1964, and one that was first built almost 18 years ago

Coachbuilding as often regarded as a dead art from a bygone era; however Morgan is one of the few notable car makers who still make their living off of bespoke, hand-crafted automobiles.

Morgan’s +4+ of 1964 was the British marque’s first attempt to modernise the brand’s styling, however was ultimately a sales flop.

The Aero 8, arriving decades later in 2000, was far more successful. With retro design cues, yet penned for the 21st century, it was a thoroughly modern car – especially by Morgan standards.

Morgan -Aero -GT-rear

Last month at the Geneva Motor Show, Morgan unveiled what is to be the final swansong for the Aero 8.

Dubbed the Aero GT, this is Morgan’s most performance-focused model ever; still utilising the 4.4lt BMW-sourced V8 but now strung out to 274kW and a thumping 502Nm of torque, the car will sprint to 100 in 4.5 seconds eventually running out of puff at 273kph.

The classically-shaped hand-sculpted body now possesses as many louvres, canards and diffusers as any other household-name supercar. And before you ask, no the chassis is no longer made of wood, but of aluminium.

Morgan -Aero -GT-side

Furthermore, there are only eight billed in to be built – and they’re all spoken for already.

Those eight lucky customers won’t risk getting their cars confused with each other either, as each will have a one-on-one design consultation with Morgan’s Head of Design - with almost limitless options.

Morgan had no intention of building eight identical cars; instead they are treating each one as an individual special edition.

We think that’s a well-deserving send-off for the end of such a special model, and such a special brand.

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