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retro stickers retro stickers

We check out some great car-related gift ideas, gear and accessories

1. Retro stickers

So you have scoured the internet, trawled through bookshops and wreckers, attended swap meets and sought advice from friends on your journey to restoring a loved classic. You’ve ensured every detail, feature and part is authentic to the car’s origin. Now for the finishing touches – the stickers. Grafix Unlimited has a range of reproduction vehicle, dealer, service and registration stickers to match the era of your car.

The range is huge and covers the big three, Holden Ford and Chrysler.

2 Hot Wheels models

Hotwheels -datsun

If you’re a fan of Japanese cars of the 70s and want to start your own collection, without totally destroying your bank account Hot Wheels has the answer. They’ve just released an assortment of iconic two-door cars.

Hotwheels -cars

Priced at $6.99 some of the more famous 1:64 scale models include a gaggle of Datsuns such as the 1600, 240Z and 260C. All have been modded and feature flared guards, spoilers and big wheels. If you are a Mazda rotary fan there is even a trick looking RX3 available.

3. Unique Car Carriers

Car -carrier -2

For over 20 years Alan’s Unique Car Carriers has been trusted with moving some of the rarest and most valuable cars in this country.

Car -carrier

So long as it rolls and steers, Alan’s can move your pride and joy around the block or to the other side of the country and anywhere in between. Alan’s regularly plies the eastern seaboard and Adelaide and if you need a protoype, race car, hero car or exotic moved with kid glove care, Alan’s Unique Car Carriers are the experts.

4 Kool Carz T-Shirts

Kool -tshirts

Wanna show the world what your favourite ride is?

Now you can, thanks to Kool Carz tee shirts. They have a range of tee shirts in a variety of colours for guys and girls with great graphics of Aussie and American muscle cars, hot rods, modern and classic Euros, bikes and most Japanese rocketships. Most of the iconic models are there and if you can’t find the car of your desires, contact them Prices start at $39.

5. American Racing Custom Wheels


American Racing Custom Wheels has been around since the muscle car era of the late 1960s. They have an enviable reputation for quality wheels of all sizes to suit most models and applications. Their latest wheel, the Rally, is a one-piece cast aluminium wheel available in sizes from 17 to 20-inches, widths from seven to nine inches and many different offsets. They are finished in either polished, satin black or grey centre with a polished lip.

6. Pininfarina products


There is no doubt Pininfarina is one of the greatest and most influential vehicle designers of all time. Established by Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, the Italian design house has penned some of the world’s most famous cars for brands including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, GM, Maserati and even Hyundai. Now you can own a piece of Pininfarina styling magic through their online concept store, that has a vast collection of exquisite proucts.

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