Pontiac Trans Am - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

pontiac transam 1983 Pontiac Trans Am offers a lot of car for the money. pontiac transam

Third generation Firebird variant

Pontiac's Firebird series, of which this Trans Am is one, has never really caught the imagination of the local market. Certainly not to anything like the extent of Camaro or Mustang.

Because of that, prices tend to be low and you can get a lot of car for your dollar.

This Trans Am is a good example. A 1983 model, it represents the third generation of the Firebird series and to that time by far the most advanced.

Parent company GM went to a lot of trouble to revise this car, particularly with an eye to fuel efficiency. It's main claim to fame therefore was that it had been designed in a wind tunnel and had a very slippery body.

This car is a Dyatona 500  anniversary model and is running a variant of the tried and true Chev 350-cube V8. Those things a super-reliable and there's a huge amount of tuning knowledge out there for them.

Behind the motor is a four-speed auto which the owner says has been rebuilt.

The interior and engine bay seem complete but look like they could do with a freshen-up. However it's difficult to argue the price - $15,500 for a slice of American muscle.

Located in Vic, you can see it here.

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