1974 Alfa Romeo Montreal - today's exotic V8 tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

alfa romeo montreal This Montreal is very high on the list of desirable Alfas. alfa romeo montreal

Quick Italian has been rising in value

Ask a group motoring nuts what the most desirable Alfa Romeo is, regardless of year, and you're likey to cop a baffling array of answers. However you can rest assured one car will be among them: the Montreal of the 1970s.

Originally a concept car from the late 1960s, which the legendary Bertone had a hand in, the production version popped up in 1970 and a modest number were built through to 1977.

Right-hand-drive examples like this are fairly rare and the owner of this one claims only 180 (of a total 3925) were made. That claim is backed up by this buyer guide from Classic and Performance Car online.

The then futuristic styling was allegedly a 2+2, though the rear seats were for small people only. In any case the looks have stood the test of time - it's still very easy on the eye.

Without doubt the highlight was a the quad-cam 2.6 litre V8 up front, which has a very distinctive howl and produced around 200 horses (147kW). Matched to a five-speed manual transmission, it was good for a touch over 220km/h.

This NSW car is asking $132,000.

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