1972 Mustang Mach 1 - today's muscle car tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

1972 mustang mach 1 This early seventies generation Mach 1 has plenty of presence. 1972 mustang mach 1

Last of the pukka Mustangs?

Move away from the very first notchback Mustangs, or the first-generation fastback, and there will be purists who'll claim the design went backwards from there.

In some ways they have a point, as the series never really regained that delicate look enjoyed by the first-gen cars. However, we'd argue the current shape goes a long way towards restoring the brand's reputation.

Another bone of contention among afficianados is what is a pukka Mustang? The argument goes that this series is the last of them - after that the nameplate was moved to a Pinto platform. While this 1971-73 series is not the prettiest car Ford ever made, in the flesh it has a huge amount of presence and definitely deserves the muscle car moniker.

The example shown here is running a Q-code 351 V8, which was the premium engine available at the time. In this guise - thanks to anti-polution regs and the questionable early technical response from many makers, Ford among them - this one produced a claimed 266hp. These days, it would be easy to bump up that figure significantly.

This left-hooker is being sold out of South Australia and the owner says it comes with the crucial import approval paperwork. It's an auto and no RWC is being offered.

It's listed at $44,000.

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