HOLDEN HQ MONARO + RENAULT 12 GORDINI - The cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers

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The cars we should have bought or are just glad we didn’t...

Holden -monaro

Holden HQ Monaro LS - October 2006

Even in stark white and LS trim there are few better looking Australian cars than the two-door HQ Monaro. LS versions almost always were sold with vinyl roof covering which spoiled the shape and sent a lot to early graves due to turret rust. This survivor looks to be in great condition and, barring misadventure, should still be with us today. Even during the mid-Noughties muscle car frenzy, HQ values didn’t move much at all. Recently however it has been happening, helping cars like this LS deliver very acceptable price growth.

Then - $18,000, Now - $42-47,000

Renault -r 12

Renault 12 Gordini - November 1986

The early 1970s saw front-wheel drive cars among the front runners in European rallying and Australia wanted some of that kudos. Six of these Gordini-tweaked rally rockets were built RHD in Australia and sold to prominent competitors; managing a few podium finishes during the 1972 Australian rally season but unable to match the 1970 title-winning dominance of Bob Watson’s rear-wheel driven Gordini R8. A LHD version of the Gordini 12 was offered recently in the UK at £15,000 but the local cars should have greater collector significance.

Then - $8,000, Now - $35-40,000

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