Jaguar Mk5 Drophead + Skoda 110R - the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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You'd have done damned well if you bought the Jag. The Skoda? Not so much...

Jaguar Mk5 Drophead + Skoda 110R - the cars that got away
Old Jaguar Mk5 has shot up in value.

Jaguar Mark 5 Drophead – March 1985

Jaguar came out of World War II with its factory intact and a new engine under development but only pre-war designs to sell. The elegant Mark 4 transformed into the bulky Mark 5 but drophead (soft-top) Jaguars were still considered highly desirable, especially in Australia. Only 395 Mark 5 Dropheads were built and almost 200 came here. Over 30 are known to survive. Several, like this car, are in outstanding condition and the asking price would, even in 1985, not represent anything like its restoration cost.

Then $26,500 Now $160-185,000

Skoda 110R - December 1997

Volkswagen-based Skodas have been doing well on the local market for several years but we really should have taken more notice of the early ones. A few Skoda 110 sedans made their way here before mid-70s exchange rates took away their price advantage over Japanese makes. Europe loved the Skoda though and a British brochure claimed 90mph (145km/h) as the top speed. There were also much faster ones including a 180kW rally special known as ‘The Grenade’. This was likely an evaluation car on-sold by the importer. Does it still exist?

Then $3000 Now $4500-6500


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