Video: 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

Uncle Phil shows us his latest toy, a 1965 Shelby-powered Sunbeam Tiger and says most people can relate to it from the TV series, 'Get Smart'


1965 Sunbeam Tiger 

Self-confessed 'Shelby tragic' Uncle Phil proudly shows off his latest toy, a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger. Based on the Sunbeam Alpine, the Tiger is a pretty little English sports car with a lungful of Amercian V8 transplanted by none other than Carroll Shelby. 

"The car weighs about the power to weight ratio is fairly serious - and it's just a little pocket rocket," says Phil.

"It's a good talking point...I get so many comments, 'Is that a Maxwell Smart car?' " he says, referring to the TV series, Get Smart.

John Bowe drive

Unique Cars' John Bowe took a Tiger for a spin in the current issue of the magazine and says that although it shares the Shelby DNA, it's not as angry as the Cobra.

"The shape is right but its size doesn't quite match the sound: a baritone V8 burble emanating from a lithe and diminutive car," says Bowe.

Read the full story of JB's drive here.


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