Ferrari 456M: Smart Classics

Ferrari 456M Ferrari 456M Ferrari 456M
Ferrari 456M Ferrari 456M Ferrari 456M
Ferrari 456M Ferrari 456M Ferrari 456M

Back in 1998, the Ferrari 456M was widely lauded as the prettiest front-engined Ferrari in a generation and is a forgotten gem


Ferrari 456M

Peter Robinson’s Wheels road test was uncharacteristically effusive. "A brilliantly entertaining cruise and a very fast car…near-as-dammit neutral handling and brilliant body control… a memorable driving experience..." and so on.

Even at 1770kg it was no duffer in the dynamics department. With a 5.5-litre V12 that’ll send it howling to 300km/h and through 100km/h in 5.5 seconds, seats for four and Ferrari’s first dalliance with carbon fibre body panels on a production car, the 456M is made of all the right stuff. The 325kW V12 is understressed and can handle mileage.

So why are values languishing down at around $120k, less than 25 per cent of its new price before options? Clearly maintaining one takes a budget and some dedication but the trick with cars like this is picking them up when they’re unfashionable and reaping the benefits when they kick on. The 456M is Ferrari’s forgotten gem.


Price guide:

Low: $125,000
High: $150,000


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Ferrari 456M

Buyer's guide: Ferrari 456M

Ferrari's big, fast, four-seat 456 is great value at one-fifth of its new price. So what do you look for when buying used?

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